Dress Code

The goal of the Dress Code is to assist students in developing the skills needed to present themselves as Christian witnesses in the world, with an outward appearance that reflects modesty, neatness, and simplicity.

General Guidelines

Tops: collars and sleeves required- bare midriffs prohibited; any solid color Polo, Oxford, or turtlenecks; Cypress logo or other monogram is permitted. Long-sleeved shirts may be worn under short-sleeved shirts. Shirts should be buttoned appropriately.

Bottoms: slacks, Capri's, walking shorts; khaki, navy, brown, gray or black in color- no denim. Cargo pants and cargo shorts are not permitted. Pants should fit nicely and be neither form-fitting nor extremely baggy. Leggings are only permitted under a skirt. Skirts, dresses, skorts and jumpers: may be plaid- finger tip length. Athletics shorts should be worn underneath.

Footwear: traditional dress, casual, or athletic shoes- no open toe, and shoes must have a strap in the back; socks or hosiery required; no heelies, crocs, sandals, flip flops, light-up shoes

Jewelry: should be worn in moderation; no piercings for boys, ear piercings only for girls

Hair: natural color; no extreme styles

Boys: above the eyes, and not longer than collar length in the back or beyond the bottom of the ear on the sides; no facial hair

Outerwear/Sweater/Vests: Sweaters and vests worn during the school day are to be solid in color and monograms are acceptable. Jackets and coats worn to and from school can be any style as long as they are appropriate. See Visual Guide for clarification

Casual Days

Casual Days are scheduled to allow students the opportunity to wear clothing that is out of dress code. Shirts and/or sweatshirts displaying artwork, slogans, or messages are permitted as long as they are in good taste. Out of dress code bottoms are permitted providing they are neither form fitting nor baggy and are fingertip length (jeans are acceptable). Jeans/bottoms that are distressed (torn, ripped, etc) cannot show skin through the distress.


Parental support is vital to the success of the Dress Code. Final decisions regarding proper dress code attire will be made by the principal.

Student is issued a Dress Code Violation citing the nature of the violation. Parents will be notified of the violation via ParentsWeb.

​Dress Code Visual Guide

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