CCS Soccer Coach


CCS Soccer Coach
Cypress Christian Schools
Seasonal Stipend

The role of the Soccer Head Coach is to be responsible for coaching, character development and providing direction to student athletes so that they might achieve a high level of skill as well as an appreciation for discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork in soccer.

CCS believes that the Soccer Head Coach must assume a major role in fostering cooperation and positive teamwork, exhibiting outstanding sportsmanship and fan involvement at games and special events and most importantly, assume a major role in the development of our youth as future leaders.

This job requires you to interact thoughtfully and respectfully with student athletes, fellow coaches, staff, parents and community. Positive communication strategies, organizational skills, and safety awareness are key requirements.

The Soccer Head Coach reports to the Athletic Director. This position requires the coach to complete an employment application and background check.


  • Ability to organize and supervise a Co-Ed soccer program.
  • Knowledgeable of league procedures and guidelines.
  • Previous soccer coaching experience required.
  • Knowledge of technical aspects of the assigned sport and willingness to continue to learn and examine new ideas pertinent to the assigned sport.
  • Role model that coincides with Cypress Christian School’s mission.


  • Follows and upholds the policies and mission statement of Cypress Christian School.
  • Plan, organize, and direct the CCS Soccer program.
  • Instructs and demonstrates skill sets and techniques necessary for individual and team development.
  • Ensures that team rules and regulations regarding conduct and eligibility of the athletes are clearly communicated and followed.
  • Plan, organize, advertise, and conduct tryouts for the soccer program; inform Athletic Department and participants of final selections. Maintain the integrity of the selection process.
  • Will travel with student athletes on the team bus both to and from competitions.
  • Submits athletic rosters to the Athletic Director one week before the first game
  • Ensures that proper forms (insurance, attendance, medical) are obtained and current and that all student athletes are academically eligible.
  • Hold informational parent meetings at the beginning of each season. Organize a parent volunteer group to help with snack bar, parties, team meals, end of the year banquet, etc.
  • Creates a safe environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the physical, social, and spiritual development of students.
  • Maintains strong interpersonal skills:  Works well with others from diverse backgrounds. Focuses on solving conflict, maintaining confidentiality, listening to others, keeping emotions under control, remaining open to others’ ideas and contributing to building a positive team spirit.
  • Model good sportsmanship behavior and maintain appropriate conduct towards opposing team, fans, parents, officials, spectators and community.

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