Our students come together every other week for a 20-30 minute chapel time.  We sing songs of worship, focus on a Bible story, work on learning Bible verses, and pray together.  


Each classroom will participate in science activities. We spend time learning about the amazing world that God created.  The students get to participate in fun experiments and learn how science can be fun!


Throughout the year, our students get to participate in music.  In addition to learning simple rhythms, our students will have the opportunity to play a variety of musical instruments, including hand bells.

Lunch Bunch

Our Lunch Bunch program is offered as a one-hour extension of our regular classroom time.  Students bring a packed lunch and get to participate in a special class.  Class themes will include:  music, art, sports, cooking, games and more.

Field Trips

Field trips are an exciting part of the year for our preschoolers! Students are transported and accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other family member.  

Social Development

  • manners
  • sharing
  • turn taking
  • cooperative play
  • following directions
  • carrying on a conversation
  • organizational skills
  • basic hygiene skills
  • attention span
  • self pride and confidence

Gross Motor

  • walking
  • running
  • jumping
  • skipping
  • climbing
  • balancing
  • coordination
  • using a ball

Fine Motor

  • manipulate writing, drawing, and coloring tools
  • scissor skills
  • gluing
  • block play
  • puzzles
  • using manipulatives
  • dressing skills
  • writing and drawing skills


  • book knowledge
  • print knowledge
  • letters
  • characters
  • recalling details
  • sequencing
  • retelling
  • predicting
  • basic comprehension
  • finger plays, songs, and rhymes


  • colors
  • shapes
  • numerals
  • counting
  • positions
  • ordering
  • comparing
  • classifying
  • patterning
  • opposites
  • problem solving

Basic Readiness

  • name
  • birthday
  • phone number
  • address
  • colors
  • shapes
  • alphabet skills
  • numerals
  • counting
  • using art materials


We want every child who attends CCP to:

  1. gain knowledge of God through His Word
  2. experience God's goodness through the world around them
  3. discover God's purpose for their lives


Cypress Christian Preschool students are assessed three times during the school year. These assessments cover a wide range of skills and help us determine improvement areas for your child.  Parent / Teacher Conferences are held in January and  provide an opportunity for questions about each student's progress and kindergarten readiness.